Artist Molley Ourada
Molley Ourada

I have always LOVED art I have been water coloring for 10+ years and have always been drawn to acrylics and sewing.
My mom signed me up for acrylics classes at Micheal's when I was 13 I loved the techniques but I have kinda always did my own thing so I have no real technique I just do what I feel. The same goes for my water coloring I am extremely Detailed I prefer a smaller canvas to a large one.
I am still searching for my favorite style or craft. I am like a butterfly I hop from one craft to another very fast so my listings will vary from Painted Rocks to Felt to Sewing :) (To what ever I love on Pinterest)
I LOVE color I hate wearing Black or White yet I am a bigger Lady so I do often sew my own clothes.

I LOVE vintage clothes and linens I was raised by and antique dealer and now manage my own antique space at Paris Flea Market in CD'A. I would ultimately Love to spread my passion for crafts and paints to others so in the summer I help with a craft camp for kids on the Palous Highway in Washington. I also dream of traveling the world.