Jack Of All Creative

Chris Myers

Jack of All Creative

Artist Statement
I discovered metal art largely due to my innate gift for taking things apart and not being able to put them back together. A welding class at the community college cemented my relationship with a growing pile of scrap metal (formerly known as things that used to work just fine) and any number of objects found anywhere else along the way. I also discovered that burning flesh smells like chicken.


I am from West Virginia, grew up in Maryland, live in Virginia, and am pretty sure I received a degree from a university in North Carolina.

Description of Materials and Techniques

The majority of materials used are steel and most of that is repurposed. Some wood and internal computer parts, also repurposed, are used for added dashes of color and personality. Almost all pieces are welded using either MIG or TIG processes. Smaller, non-ferrous accent bits or pieces of steel too delicate for the torch are added to the ensemble using high quality adhesives. 

What makes my work unique

The most interesting aspect of my art is finding discarded, “useless” objects and recreating them into something fun and exciting. Every little piece has a source and a back-story and I do my level best to remember them all. My goal is to sculpt little tidbits of life from items that somebody else deemed worthless. It’s also important to let these once forgotten components shine through in celebration of their second chance and newfound significance.


Background and Education

I took a welding class at the local community college and things got out of hand. Time spent as a travel writer really helped open my eyes to the realization that most everything is far more than it appears on the surface. People chuckle when I tell them that the metal talks to me if I just take the time to listen. Honestly, it’s not a kooky as it sounds.