Bay Fibers Studio

Eric Clark Jackson

I’m a professional wildlife artist working in Leonardtown, MD on the Potomac River.  My work is really about a connection to the water through memory and experience, and a desire to know it more deeply. I’m inspired to create artworks depicting Chesapeake and mid-Atlantic fauna, mainly using aquatic life and waterfowl I encounter while exploring the water. Maryland is sometimes known as “America in Miniature” due to the varied terrain, wildlife, and extensive coastlines, and there’s always inspiration right outside. Whenever I’m struggling for ideas, the best option has always been just to go outside and explore!


What mainly sets my work apart from other wildlife artists is the fact that my illustrations are created through traditional batik processes. I use wax and dye resist methods, and full immersion dye techniques to create my layered images. Because I generally forgo a lot of the characteristically intricate line work done with traditional batik, many viewers do a double-take before realizing what it actually is! My work is at medium to large scale with the main subject matter involving either wildlife illustration or landscapes.  The subject matter is fairly traditional, but the aesthetic is fairly contemporary.  

Batik is an amazing medium to work in, especially for artists who struggle with being a perfectionist! Embracing the nature of the imperfections and the unexpected surprises keeps me grounded in my practice, while also pushing me to explore and get better at my craft. Even when works don’t come out the way I planned, they usually end up looking pretty awesome!